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What are the ages for these classes?
The classes will be appropriate for mature youth through adult.  If there are enough homeschooled youth (middle school and high school ages) interested in the course, we would offer a second time for the course that is specifically geared towards them.

When will classes be held?
Class will begin meeting in September on Tuesdays at 7 PM and will finish in May.  A complete schedule will be provided, as there will be Tuesdays that we take off (holidays, etc).  There may also be weeks where the class is exclusively online, or pre-recorded.

Where will classes be held?
We will meet at our school building, Truth Chapel Christian Academy at 189 Hickory Hill Road in Spartanburg, SC.  It is a one-room classroom set-up perfectly for these Bible classes.  However, it is also streamed online and available for students anywhere.

How much is the class?
Cost is $100 per person per class if taking for credit.  Discounts are given if more than one person in the same home is taking the class.  The cost may be paid upfront, or paid monthly over the period of 10 months.  Families who are faithful attendees of Truth Chapel (attending at least once per week unless unable) will be given a 20% discount on their total cost.
For those who are not seeking credit for their work and will not be taking the tests/quizzes, the cost will be $15 per person, with additional cuts for multiple family members and Truth Chapel discounts.

What materials will I need?
Students may want to bring note-taking devices and items (such as laptops, tablets, notebooks, pens, etc.).  The class will be recorded, and can be viewed again later if a student misses something and wants to go back later to catch up in their notes.

Everyone will also need an Expositor’s Study Bible (though we have some at the school that can be used on-site) and may want to purchase other recommended books.  A recommended book list will be provided.

What kind of credit do I receive for this class?
This is a non-accredited course that is just for the advancement of your own personal knowledge.  

Participants will be given a certificate of completion of the course.  The certificate will specify whether it was taken for credit (and includes completed and graded assignments) or not-for-credit (no graded assignments).  It would be up to any organization whether to recognize your work in our Bible class or not, since we are not accredited.

Also, as you complete classes with us, we will have various levels of certificates to acknowledge the amount of work completed.

Can I take the class online?
Yes, you can!  And you can also participate live in our discussions.  We will be streaming the class online, and only giving access to paid subscribers.  While the class is streaming, you will be able to see the teacher as well as any images or videos shown, and you will be able to participate in any discussions.

You will have the same options as others (to complete the assignments, or not).

If you miss the class while it is live, or want to go back later to watch again, you will have the ability to do so as will our on-site students.

To participate while the class is live, you must have Zoom.  To watch the class at a later time, you must have Facebook.
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